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We specialise in Bird Watching Tours, organised by dedicated and experienced Birdwatchers, and our first area of operation will be The Gambia.

Malachite Kingfisher

Gambia is wonderful country to visit, not only for its famed bird life, but also for its year round sunshine, excellent beaches, constantly smiling faces, wonderful food and a slower pace of life. Gambias biggest city, Serrakunda, and Tanji fish market are unforgettable spectacles.

Their unique sights, smells and sounds, varieties of fruit, vegetables and weird looking fish are all too often overlooked by many. The colours and styles of dresses worn by many women will make some reach for their camera long before anything of the avifaunal nature comes in to view! (Make sure you ask permission first).

Egyptian Plover

Stunning flowers, often perfectly manicured hotel grounds, carved artefacts and made to measure garments from local tradesmen and women are all there in abundance.

There are fishing trips and river excursions including the “Roots” tour where you can learn all about how the slave trade began. In short, there is something for everyone – but the bird watching, now where do you begin? You could describe it as an avifaunal assault on your senses, a barrage of birds – Bee-eaters seen from your balcony, Gonolec`s in the garden, Sunbirds from your sunbed!

Long Crested Eagle
Long-crested Eagle

The Gambia is a country where you don`t have to “go” bird watching all the time, some of the birds will come to you. You are quite likely to see the superb Egyptian Plover and the wonderfully vibrant colours of a Malachite Kingfisher.

The latest addition is Long-crested Eagle…..!

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