Yellow-Crowned Gonolek

Abuko nature reserve is situated just 25km from Banjul, was officially declared a nature reserve in 1968 and is approximately 106ha. The central area consists mainly of gallery forest with pools of varying sizes depending on the time of year. Narrow paths under dense woodland lead to hides that provide excellent opportunities to see a wide variety of species. Abuko also provides an introduction to Gambia`s flora and fauna, with Nile crocodiles in some of the fresh water pools and four species of monkey including Western Red Colobus and Patas.

African Pied Hornbill


Over 270 species of birds have been recorded in the reserve. Violet and Green Turaco, Squacco, Striated and Black-crowned Night Heron, Paradise Flycatcher, Tawny Eagle and African Fish Eagle, African Jacana, Yellow-breasted Apalis, African Darter, Red-eyed, Vinaceous and Laughing Doves, Long-tailed Glossy Starling, African Grey Hornbill, Pigmy and Malachite Kingfisher, Black-necked Weaver, Bearded Barbet and the stunning Yellow-crowned Gonolek, to name just a fraction of what can be seen during a mornings walk.

There is also an opportunity to visit Eagle Heights – a rehabilitation centre for animals no longer found in Gambia plus flying displays and conservation talks about problems facing Gambia`s wildlife today.

When – All year round.

Green-backed Heron spotted at Abuko
Green-backed Heron spotted at Abuko