Brufut Woods is a small area just half an hour from the Kotu area and covers less than 3hectares. It is under the protection of the Gambian Bird Watchers Association. It is an area of mainly open savannah woodland. It is probably most famed for Verraux`s Eagle Owl that breed here, though local knowledge is vital for this beautiful owl and for Long-tailed Nightjar which is also regularly seen.

African Pied Hornbill
African Harrier Hawk

A wide variety of other species in their favoured habitat are possible including African Golden Oriole, Yellow-throated Leaflove, Black-crowned Tchagra, Lizard Buzzard, Stone Partridge, African Harrier Hawk with evening visits recommended for African Scops and White-faced Scops Owl.

Long-tailed Nightjar

When – All year round.