Tujering Woods and Kartons is 40 minutes from the tourist area south of Tanji and consists mainly of degraded but regenerating bush and could be described as coastal savannah.

Sanding take flight at Tujering
Sanderling take flight at Tujering

It is largely an open area with fewer trees but the bush is dense providing excellent cover for Grey-backed Camaroptera, Tawny-flanked Prinia, Whistling and Singing Cisticolas, Brubru and occasional Palearctic migrants.

Palm and Pallid Swifts, White-crowned Helmet Shrike, Purple Glossy Starling, White-shouldered Black Tit, Fine-spotted, Grey and occasionally Brown-backed Woodpecker are all possible whilst various Herons and Egrets along with Osprey (during the winter) and Pink-backed Pelican can be seen over head.

Striped Kingfisher photographed at Tujering.
Striped Kingfisher photographed at Tujering.

When to go – All year round.