Georgetown is on McCarthy Island in the Gambia River with overnight stays at Boabolong Camp, and is a stepping stone for Bansang and Kunkilling.

A short walk around the camp often produces a variation of interesting species. In less than an hour we recently saw Black-billed Wood Dove, Oriole Warbler, Paradise Flycatcher, Black-rumped Waxbill and Klaas`s Cuckoo. The Bird Safari Camp at the western end of the Island (Oct-May only), is an interesting excursion and is accessible during the dry season only. Grey and Fine-spotted Woodpecker, Stone Partridge, Grey Hornbill and Levaillant`s Cuckoo can be seen here beneath some impressive mahogany`s.

The Red-throated Bee-eater colony at Bansang Quarry is a kaleidoscope of airborne colour with excellent photo opportunities. Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting can also be found here along with numerous raptor species including Shikra. Woodland Kingfisher and White-faced Whistling Duck, and countless Red-rumped Swallows are also usually present. Summer months are less rewarding for Bee-eaters throughout the region.

When – All year round.

Kunkilling Forest covers approximately 142 h and is mainly a riverine type woodland east of Georgetown. This is one of the only places where Adamawa Turtle Dove can be reliably seen. Red-necked Falcon is also a possibility in this region as is Banded Martin, Bronze-winged Courser, Spotted Thick-knee, Shining-blue Kingfisher, Yellow-bellied Hyliota and African Finfoot and Yellow White Eye. Further on, the forest opens up to reveal a vast cultivated area (mainly peanuts). Children can often be seen working the fields in the summer, with plough and donkey, in unbearable temperatures in this very rural area of Gambia.

When – Usually Oct-May only.